Epidemiology and Public Health - 3rd year; 6 year programme

Course coordinator:  
Aleksander Gałaś, MD, PhD e-mail: aleksander.galas@uj.edu.pl



Dorota Mrożek - Budzyn, MD, PhD e-mail: dorota.mrozek-budzyn@uj.edu.pl
Agnieszka Pac, PhD e-mail: agnieszka.pac@uj.edu.pl


Katarzyna Zawisza, PhD, e-mail: katarzyna.zawisza@uj.edu.pl

 Student's evaluation:


-grading scheme:   based on the lab assignments, essay and the final exam (multiple-choice questions)
-absence allowed:  3
-type of the final crediting: a grade based on:

1) the result for the investigation of an outbreak (max.100%)-contributes as 10% to the final score
2) the quality of the presentation (study design topic, requirements will be provided separately) (max.100%) - contributes as 10% to the final score
3) the average result for the assignments provided during study design labs (max.100%)- contributes as 10% to the final score
4) an essay discussing the development of public health strategies for a particular health related problem (requirements will be provided separately) (max.100%) - contributes as 20% to the final score
5) the result of the final exam - contributes as 50% to the final score

It is necessary to get at least 50% out of max.100% to get final credit for a course.

Grading scheme:
50.0 - 59.9%:          (3.0)
60.0 - 69.9%:          (3.5)
70.0 - 79.9%:          (4.0)
80.0 - 89.0%:          (4.5)
90.0 – 100%:          (5.0)
- retake information: The second term will be announced. To get credit, the student should achieve 50% on the final exam. For the grading scheme see above.