List of courses offered by the Chair

School of Medicine in English


 Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology 

  Public Health 

 Medical Sociology


  • 2nd year (4 year programme)
  • 3rd year (6 year programme)

PhD in English (International PhD studies in medical sciences)

Research methods  - 1st year [see description and programme] 

Medical College Courses (in Polish)

Diploma courses:

  • Epidemiology  at Faculty of Medicine 
  • Hygiene and Epidemiology  at Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Pharmacy 
  • Epidemiology and Environmental Medicine  at Faculty of Medicine/Dentistry 
  • Medical Sociology  at Faculty of Medicine/Dentistry and Faculty of Health Sciences 
  •  Pathologies in society  at Faculty of Health Sciences 
  •  Methodology in social sciences  at Faculty of Health Sciences 

Post-diploma education

  •  Methodology of scientific research in medicine   PhD programme at Faculty of Medicine 

Facultative/optional courses

  • Methodology of scientific research in medicine 


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